Sunday, 25 January 2009

i hate your facial hair

My finished piece for enclose- a set of six greeting cards designed to help you tell your lover what you're really thinking. I tried to think of things people usually keep enclosed from their partner, things they wouldn't dream of telling them, then put it on a greeting card. As ridiculous as they are i wouldn't be surprised if you could actually get stuff like this already, i don't see why hallmark shouldn't capitalise on other's misery... ahem. These are packaged with envelopes anyway, done in biro's. It would be pretty neat to do a run of them or something...

sharing a bed.

Here is my first outcome for our 'four words' project. The project was to visually explore the words balance, support, enclose and disperse within a theme that we set ourselves. After a few (major) hiccups i settled on the theme of relationships, did a fair amount of work in my sketchbook and managed to come up with four different finished pieces. A lot of people I know have done their final pieces as a series (e.g. four books or four images) but i ended up with utterly different things, hopefully they stand alright on their own.

I finished making the feet/legs and took a series of images for balance. It is supposed to show the idea of balance in a relationship by looking at how people sleep; the images don't really do them justice, and I hope to do a stop motion with these soon because they have wire skeletons inside and bend and move like real feet.